This is not my story. It is God’s story.


First, some facts about me… I live in Little Rock, AR. I am married to my love, Nick (or “Nicky” as I call him). We were babies when we got married and I like to say we "grew up together." We have three great kids…Josie-19, Carter-16, and Lindsay-13. We are busy, but I am loving teenagers!! I have always loved art. I drew instead of playing with dolls and I was the girl whose school notes were covered in doodles.                                             

Cary Collins Designs began 20 years ago when I made my first calendar. That calendar was inspired by a whimsical calendar my mom was buying me each year at the time and some scripture art I was doing for gifts. My mom had the brilliant idea of combining the two! She always has the best ideas!! The first year, I probably sold less than 50, but enough to make me do it again the next year. 


And so began this journey. God has been so faithful to show me the next right thing to do every step of the way. He has used this business to allow me to stay home with my kiddos and provide for our family. He has magnified both my strengths and my weaknesses.

to be continued...